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Knee pads

Brand: Premier

Pliable multi-segment knee pad. Ergonomically designed providing durability, comfort and protection. It does not hinder the wearer when walking. Weight:

Kneepad (S156)

Brand: Portwest

The ultimate in knee protection and wearer comfort. Ergonomically designed knee pads providing durability comfort and protection. This knee pad

Kneepads (SA66)

Brand: Last Chance to Buy

A real must-have item, which conforms to industry EN 14404 standards. These pads are lightweight, yet tough and are made

Kneepads (WK006)

Brand: Yoko

A pair simple and slide-in YOKO knee pads. Compatible with most trousers knee pads pockets. It provides super knee protection

Tactical kneepads

Brand: Tactical Threads

These Tactical Threads kneepads are compatible with Tactical Threads trousers, whether top or bottom loading. Comfortable, flexible and lightweight, they

Work-Guard kneepads

Brand: Result Workguard

Complete your total workwear pack with the added protection of the new Workguard lite kneepads. Designed to fit perfectly in